Hi Peter

Thanks so very much for the wonderful presentation by Peter Dixon on labour law lecture. I have learned so very much on matters pertaining to employer/employee relationship and what misconduct constitute a hearing. The knowledge I have gained has empowered me tremendously and will be valuable useful for my company in disciplinary hearings. To Peter Dixon as the facilitator of this course you are incredible and one of a kind And my humble gratitude again for making this educational knowledge so interesting and easy to understand and allowing us to participate and express the difficulties experience by our companies. My thankful thanks to the all the staff who took care of us and look after every need we requested, and the wonderful atmospheric scene and the fellow candidates whom I enjoyed their presence.

Yes, I would like to attend the follow up training course and will advise my company to make the necessary arrangements. Kindly please note that there is an error spelling name on my certificate of attendance, the correct name should be Reginald Mokoka. Looking forward to meeting you again.

Kind Regards,

Reggie Mokoka
Bell’s Construction cc